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Sweden to help Mozambican communities affected by climate change

“Investing in a response now is an investment for the future”

(MAPUTO, 30 October 2017) – The Swedish Embassy today announced its support to more than 16,000 Mozambican families affected by climate change.

Working with COSACA, a consortium of international humanitarian and development  organisations including CARE, Oxfam, and Save the Children, the program will focus on communities affected by the recent drought in Gaza, Sofala and Zambezia provinces. 
Climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather events across Mozambique, and the country is extremely prone to natural hazards. In southern and central Mozambique, agricultural production has been severely compromised by the failure of two consecutive rainy seasons, resulting in food and water shortages for thousands of families. 
The program will assist communities to build resilience to climate change and natural disasters from September 2017 to March 2018. It will ensure immediate access to seeds and improved water through the repair and rehabilitation of water sources and construction of boreholes. 
The project will also assist farmers to combat fall army worm, the pest that has been recently detected in Mozambique and that poses a significant threat to crop production across the country.
 “Sweden is pleased to extend its support to drought-affected populations facing hardship in central and southern Mozambique. We are confident that our assistance, channeled through COSACA, will help to ensure a coordinated response to alleviate the devastating effects of the droughts, ensure the wellbeing of the population and help them to rapidly recover their sources of livelihood.” – Mikael Elofsson, Head of Cooperation at Embassy of Sweden in Maputo.
“After two years of severe drought, this funding will provide a good opportunity to more than 16,000 Mozambican families affected by climate change to rebuild their lives”, said Marc Nosbach, Country Director of CARE in Mozambique. 
“COSACA is pleased to continuously being able to work with SIDA on addressing important risk reduction and resiliency building activities.  Pairing this with capacity-building activities for local actors will assist in reducing future shocks and increasing coping mechanisms.  It is important that all actors – government, local and international NGOs, donor agencies, as well as the affected communities – work hand-in-hand during this period of recovery and pro-activity.  COSACA is aware of its responsibility to not only assist in a time of crisis, but also remain a partner during important recovery periods between crises,” said Oxfam Country Director Holger Wagner.



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